What Is Urban Exploration?

Urban exploration is the hobby of exploring structures and other man-made sites. The very nature of this practice can mean venturing into dangerous and sometimes illegal areas.

To learn more visit Wikipedia.

I personally value my life and freedom and so practice the following rules:

  • This hobby is a calm and respectful experience for me and if I feel that at any time it stops being so (i.e. the chance of injury or breaking any laws) then I stop.
  • I will not damage or disturb anything that I visit (including fences, gates or anything designed to stop people getting into the sites). I record the decay of human life, it’s a beautiful and privileged thing and my moto is “leave no footsteps”.
  • I will ask permission if it is possible.
  • If there is any chance whatsoever of injury then I will not put myself at risk.
  • I will go with friends or at the very least I will let friends know where I am going.
  • I wear steel toe capped boots and carry a hard hat.

That’s it – simple really and I love a simple life.

For great photo & forum sites of urban exploration I would recommend these:

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